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Consumption of avocado oil (Persea americana) improves the biochemical profile of rats submitted to long-term androgenic stimulation

Vivian Alves Pereira Silva, Gilson Teles Boaventura, Renato de Souza Abboud, José Antônio Silva Ribas, Mauricio Alves Chagas

Prepublicado: 2020-09-22
Publicado: 2020-10-13

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Introduction: indiscriminate use of anabolic steroids is associated with cardiovascular diseases, renal damage, and hepatic toxicity. Contrastingly, nutraceutical foods such as avocados prevent and control several diseases, as they can reduce the effects of oxidative stress. Objective: this study evaluates the benefits of consuming an avocado oil-based diet to attenuate the systemic damage caused by supraphysiological doses of testosterone, by analyzing the biochemical profile of 28 42-day-old male Wistar rats. Methods: silicone pellets containing testosterone were surgically implanted, and they received control or avocado oil-based feed. After 20 weeks, all the male rats were anesthetized and their blood samples collected. Results: although the high hormone concentration had a negative influence on the biochemical profile of these animals, the groups that consumed avocado oil exhibited a reduction in serum triacylglycerols (-21 %; p = 0.0001), VLDL (-20 %; p = 0.0085), LDL (-78 %; p < 0.0001), and total cholesterol (-12 %; p < 0.0001), along with positive changes in their HDL concentrations (+7 %; p = 0.001). The avocado oil groups also manifested a reduction in the total concentration of serum proteins (-24 %; p = 0.0357), albumin (-26 %; p = 0.0015), urea (-14 %; p = 0.04), and creatinine (-33 %; p < 0.0001). The concentration of liver transaminases was found to be higher in the animals included in the induced group (ALT, +66 %; p = 0.0005, and AST, +23 %; p = 0.0021), whereas they remained stable in the avocado oil group. Conclusion: from the above, it may be concluded that supraphysiological doses of testosterone are related to increased risk factors for cardiovascular, renal, and hepatic diseases, and that the consumption of avocado oil shields the biochemical profile, thus reducing the associated risk factors.

Palabras Clave: Testosterone. Avocado oil. Cardiovascular diseases. Renal damage. Hepatic toxicity. Biochemical profile.

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