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Changes in dietary habits of patients with chronic pain represent contributing factors to decreased pain intensity and improved quality of life. Pilot study from Croatia

Jelena Balkić, Ivan Radoš, Ines Banjari

Prepublicado: 2020-05-07
Publicado: 2020-07-01

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Objectives: to assess the effectiveness of specifically designed nutrition education for the management of chronic pain and whether any change in dietary habits contribute to decrease in pain intensity. Objectives and methods: 40 patients were enrolled in the 4-week interventional observational study. Patients filled-in questionaires regarding their basic characteristics, pain intensity, quality of life, and dietary habits at baseline and post-intervention. Intervention consisted of 1 individual and 2 group counselings based on the nutrition education specifically designed for the chronic pain management. Results: post-intervention, pain intensity decreased in 67.5 % of patients while significantly improving quality of life (from 42.9 ± 31.3 to 70.1 ± 26.2 points, p = 0.015). All patients responded to nutrition education by increasing the number of meals per day (p < 0.001), improving regularity of breakfast (p = 0.005) and by less frequently skipping meals (p = 0.027). Fewer meal skipping (OR = 0.037, 95 % CI (0.003-0.482), p = 0.012) and lower consumption of foods with negative effect on chronic pain (OR = 0.008, 95 % CI (0.000-0.444), p = 0.019) were found to modestly, but independently contribute to decrease in pain intensity. Still, patients with higher BMI and several diagnoses had low resonse. Conclusions: the developed nutrition education is fit for the management of chronic pain. The main benefits are improved meal consumption pattern along with reduced consumption of foods with pro-inflammatory effect and food cravings. The complexity of chronic pain is obvious in low responsiveness among patients with higher BMI and several conditions.

Palabras Clave: Chronic pain. Nutrition education. Education development. Pain intensity. Dietary recommendations.

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