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Low-protein diet supplemented with inulin lowers protein-bound toxin levels in patients with stage 3b-5 chronic kidney disease: a randomized controlled study

Liyang Chang, Rongrong Tian, Zili Guo, Luchen He, Yanjuan Li, Yao Xu, Hongmei Zhang

Prepublicado: 2023-06-21
Publicado: 2023-07-28

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Objective: this study aimed to evaluate whether low-salt low-protein diet (LPD) supplemented with 10 g of inulin could lower serum toxin levels in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD), thereby providing evidence for adjusting dietary prescriptions of inhospital patients and outpatient nutrition consultants. Methods: we randomized 54 patients with CKD into two groups. Dietary protein intake compliance was evaluated using a 3-day dietary diary and 24-h urine nitrogen levels. The primary outcomes were indoxyl sulfate (IS) and p-cresyl sulfate (PCS), and secondary outcomes included inflammation marker levels, nutritional status, and renal function. We assessed 89 patients for eligibility, and a total of 45 patients completed the study, including 23 and 22 in the inulin-added and control groups, respectively. Results: PCS values decreased in both groups after intervention: inulin-added group, ∆PCS -1.33 (-4.88, -0.63) μg/mL vs. LPD group, -4.7 (-3.78, 3.69) μg/mL (p = 0.058). PCS values reduced from 7.52 to 4.02 μg/mL (p < 0.001) in the inulin-added group (p < 0.001). Moreover, IS decreased from 3.42 (2.53, 6.01) μg/mL to 2.83 (1.67, 4.74) μg/mL after adding inulin; ∆IS was -0.64 (-1.48, 0.00) μg/mL, and a significant difference was observed compared with the control group (p = 0.004). The inflammation index decreased after intervention. Conclusion: dietary fiber supplementation may reduce serum IS and PCS levels and modulate their inflammatory status in predialysis CKD patients.

Palabras Clave: p-cresyl sulfate. Indoxyl sulfate. Inulin. Dietary fiber. Protein-bound toxin. Chronic kidney disease.

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