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Temporal effect of fructose supplementation at different concentrations on hepatic metabolism of Wistar rats

Luana Cristina Faria Carvalho, Bruna Vidal Dias, Sttefany Viana Gomes, Cláudia Martins Carneiro, Daniela Caldeira Costa

Prepublicado: 2021-06-28
Publicado: 2021-10-05

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ABSTRACT Introduction: in the last few years important changes have occurred in nutritional patterns. There has been an increase in the consumption of simple carbohydrates such as fructose, which has been associated with numerous metabolic disorders, including hepatic steatosis. Materials and methods: we sought to evaluate the impact of fructose consumption, as diluted in water at different concentrations, for two time periods, on the metabolic parameters of Wistar rats using ANOVA. Results: our data indicate that both time and fructose concentration promote variations in animal body mass, and in food, water, and caloric intake. The time variable influenced the modulation of biochemical parameters such as serum concentrations of glucose and total cholesterol. Both fructose concentration and time of exposure influenced the concentrations of serum triglycerides, creatinine, AST, TNF, and IL-6. When evaluating redox status and oxidative damage markers, we observed that fructose concentration and exposure time had an effect on total glutathione levels, which decreased with an increase in concentration and time. For superoxide dismutase, we evaluated the effects of time and interaction. A significant interaction was observed for TBARS. For carbonylated proteins, exposure time was a fundamental factor in generating an effect. Conclusions: we demonstrated that fructose modulates the parameters of triglycerides and total liver cholesterol, and that time influences the number of hepatocytes. Our data suggest that fructose concentration, exposure time, and an interaction between these two parameters have a significant effect on the metabolic parameters responsible for the development of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Palabras Clave: Fructose. Hepatic steatosis. Time. Concentration.

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Publicado: 2023-04-15 /

Trabajo Original: Maximum serum K+ concentration within 1 hour with enteral replacement in severe hypokalemia

Juan de Dios Yépez Florián , Gabriela Estefanía Yépez Figueroa

Publicado: 2023-04-23 /

Trabajo Original: Effects of COVID-19 lockdown on children´s sleep quality, physical activity, screen time, and diet

Roberto López-Iracheta , Nerea Martín Calvo , Laura Moreno-Galarraga , José Manuel Moreno Villares

Publicado: 2023-11-26 /

Trabajo Original: Efectos de D-tagatosa, estevia y sacarosa sobre el pH y la actividad bacteriana oral en estudiantes de odontología. Ensayo controlado y aleatorizado

Maira Urrutia-Espinosa , Francisco Concha-Fuentealba , Héctor Fuentes-Barría , Lissé Chiquinquirá Angarita Dávila , María Eugenia Carrasco Hernández , Raúl Alberto Aguilera-Eguía

Publicado: 2024-04-03 /

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Revisión: Relación entre la dieta, aspectos nutricionales y la calidad del sueño en población pediátrica

.La relación entre la dieta y el sueño ha sido esc...

Publicado: 2023-06-08

Editorial: ¿Por qué debemos incorporar la determinación del ángulo de fase por impedancia bioeléctrica a nuestra práctica habitual en nutrición clínica?

Publicado: 2024-03-18

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