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Development and validation of a food frequency questionnaire for assessing nutrient intake during childhood in Jordan

Reema Tayyem Tayyem, Samah R. Albataineh, Sabika Allehdan, Eman Badran

Prepublicado: 2020-10-15
Publicado: 2020-12-10

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Introduction: assessing the relationship between childhood diseases and nutrient intake is a crucial issue that requires valid and reliable dietary assessment tools in this period of physical and physiological development. Objective: the present study aimed to develop and validate a food frequency questionnaire (FFQ) to assess nutrient intake in Jordanian children. Methods: in this validation study, nutrient intake as obtained from a culturally sensitive quantitative FFQ was compared to nutrient intake as assessed by four 24-hour dietary recalls (24-HRs) between September 2017 and May 2018. One hundred and thirty-six children aged 6-18 years were enrolled from selected schools in Amman, Jordan. Children or their caregivers were asked to complete the FFQ during an initial face-to-face interview. Four 24-HRs were collected weekly over one month. Of these children, 50 also took part in the reproducibility phase, which involved a repeat completion of the FFQ within 1 month. Results: the intraclass correlation coefficients between the two FFQs ranged from 0.5 for trans-fats to 0.96 for calcium. Correlation coefficients between dietary intake estimates derived from the FFQ and 24-HRs were significant at p < 0.05. The highest correlation was detected for energy (0.8) while the lowest was identified for trans-fatty acids (0.04). For all nutrients, over 60 % of participants were classified into the same or adjacent quartile of crude and adjusted intake. Bland-Altman plots showed a satisfactory agreement between the two methods for energy and proteins. Conclusion: the FFQ showed a good reproducibility and a reasonable relative validity for most nutrients.

Palabras Clave: Relative validity. Reproducibility. Nutrients. Food frequency questionnaire. 24-hour recall. Children and adolescents.

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Publicado: 2022-01-21 /

Trabajo Original: Energy consumption, the distribution of macronutrients and BMI in mothers and their Mexican schoolchildren

Publicado: 2022-01-21 /

Trabajo Original: Estado nutricional y marcadores bioquímicos de deficiencia o exceso de micronutrientes en niños chilenos de 4 a 14 años de edad: una revisión crítica

Publicado: 2022-01-24 /

Revisión: Revisión y actualización de la importancia de los micronutrientes en la edad pediátrica, visión holística

Inmaculada Ferreres Giménez , María Gloria Pueyo Alamán , M.ª José Alonso Osorio

Publicado: 2022-06-23 /

Trabajo Original: Assessment of nutrient intakes of children and adolescents with recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bllosa, severe subtype

Ana Paula Caio Zidório , Kenia Mara Baiocchi de Carvalho , Eliane Said Dutra

Publicado: 2022-06-29 /

Trabajo Original: Assessment of dietary nutrient intake and its relationship to the nutritional status of patients with Crohn’s Disease in Guangdong Province of China

Hong Zheng , Xinbin Chen , Xiaoling Bu , Xia Qiu , Demeng Zhang , Yitong Zhou , Junlong Lin , Jinghong Li , Wenjun Ma , Ying Zheng

Publicado: 2022-08-16 /

Revisión: Influencia de la dieta en el riesgo de infección y de gravedad de la COVID-19: una revisión sistemática

Ester Leno-Durán , Marcos Micha Mabale , Marina García-Pérez , Aurora Bueno-Cavanillas , Rocío Barrios-Rodríguez , Pilar Requena

Publicado: 2022-09-20 /

Trabajo Original: Nutrient retention in popular dishes based on Google Trends data in Hatay cuisine

Başak Öney , Solmaz Ece Yılmaz , Duygu Güçlü

Publicado: 2022-08-24 /

Trabajo Original: Assessment of the validity of a sedentary behavior questionnaire among university students from low-income regions

Luiz Fernando de Oliveira , Evanilson Alves dos Santos , Alaiana Marinho Franco , Kliver Antonio Marin , Marcus Vinicius Nascimento-Ferreira

Publicado: 2022-09-06 /

Trabajo Original: Protective effect of dietary micronutrients on gastric cancer risk among Jordanians

Sabika Allehdan , Shatha S. Hammad , Razan M. Alatrash , Tareq Al-Jaberi , Ahmad Hushki , Shirin Yacoub , Mohammad Dahoud , Tahra Elobeid , Reema Tayyem Tayyem

Publicado: 2022-11-23 /

Trabajo Original: Analysis for Candida albicans in samples of intravenous lipids administered to premature infants with the goal of optimizing the use of the 1.2 µm filter

Haydee Villafana-Medina , Ronaldo Quezada-Pérez , Jennifer Rodríguez-Meza , Julio Campos-Florián , Jorge Vásquez-Kool , Carmen Marín-Tello

Publicado: 2023-03-26 /

Trabajo Original: Impact of memory bias in the dietary estimation of older adults measured through a food frequency questionnaire and weighed food records: A cross-sectional study in older adults and primary caregivers

Marcos Galván , Laura Ivonne Arellano-Martínez , Ivonne Ramírez-Silva , Celina Ramírez Ramírez , Guadalupe López Rodríguez , Nely Isabel Cruz-Serrano , Vidalma del Rosario Bezares-Sarmiento , María Elena Rivera-Madrigal

Publicado: 2023-07-15 /

Revisión: Inmunonutrición y (su impacto en la) salud. Micronutrientes y factores debilitantes

Anna Bach-Faig , Inmaculada Ferreres Giménez , María Gloria Pueyo Alamán

Publicado: 2023-09-19 /

Revisión: Enfermedad de Alzheimer. Evidencia actual sobre el papel preventivo de la nutrición

Ana María Lorenzo-Mora , María del Carmen Lozano-Estevan , Yalda Ghazi , Liliana Guadalupe González-Rodríguez

Publicado: 2023-09-19 /

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Revisión: Relación entre la dieta, aspectos nutricionales y la calidad del sueño en población pediátrica

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Artículo Especial: Consenso del grupo de trabajo de los trastornos de la conducta alimentaria de SENPE (GTTCA-SENPE). Evaluación y tratamiento médico-nutricional en la anorexia nerviosa. Actualización 2023

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Editorial: ¿Por qué debemos incorporar la determinación del ángulo de fase por impedancia bioeléctrica a nuestra práctica habitual en nutrición clínica?

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